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Paisley has recently turned 19 and is still a very shy girl.  She has a circle of friends, and it takes a lot for her to add more. She has been studying catering at college cause she has always had a passion for cooking and entertaining at home for friends and family.

Being a timid girl, she is also very homely and traditional and likes a man to be a gentleman and treat her right.  He doesn’t want a man who doesn’t take care of himself or a guy who is too over the top.

Paisley has only had a couple of real boyfriends, and all the guys have been nice to her. They treat her well in public and at home. She is very submissive in sex and conservative; Therefore, she likes a man to take charge in the bedroom. Some of the things she enjoys are teen sex chat, kissing, sucking dick and vanilla sex. She hasn’t tried anything very kinky yet, but she did say she is always open to the idea of kinky sex. Saying that she does enjoy having kinky teen sex chat on the phone and on text messages too.